Matt Seymour
WordPress developer

Katie Hopkins online portfolio

Katie, a graphic designer from Farnborough contacted me about helping her put something right. The something in question was her website. Katie used a WordPress hosted website to host her online portfolio of graphic work, but this wasn’t a website that she particularly adored.

She had an idea of what she wanted to build, but needed to talk it through with someone to see if she was heading in the right direction, or if there were some tweaks that needed to be made. Fortunately Katie had come up with an idea that was so simple but elegant at the same time. It couldn’t really go wrong.

We set to work putting Katie’s idea in to code. With only a handful of adjustments to be made along the way, within a few weeks the site had gone live and Katie has been able to start uploading her content, how she wants it. We created a series of custom fields that allowed the portfolio to be populated exactly how Katie wanted it to be, as well as quickly and without leaving it open to errors (this would ensure consistency across the website).

All Katie’s blog posts had been exported from the hosted website and imported in to her new self-hosted website and customised to fit the new design.

Katie Hopkins is a graphic designer based in Farnborough, follow her on Twitter to see what she’s up to, or visit her portfolio!