Matt Seymour
WordPress developer

Fathom News

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This was a great project.

Take an old news site, give it many licks of paint, inject the new brand through and create an easy to update and easy to navigate slick news site. The old WordPress install was combined of many plugins, a theme that wasn’t fit for purpose and had various developers worth of amends to it. This all meant that the news site didn’t really work, it didn’t look like a professional news site or work like one.

The new theme was built from the ground up. Splitting different types of content in to their own Post Types and building functionality in to the theme itself. The theme has image sliders, news tickers, magazine file upload and content embed fields all hard-coded in to the theme so the use of third-party plugins is greatly reduced.

The website also has custom widgets that have been created which allow advertisement spaces to be added, and full customisation of all the sidebars. Some of the template files include some of the most complicated queries I’ve ever written.┬áThe related content which appears next to articles and events are pulled in to the page by related tags and this is also fully without plugin assistance.

There really is no better way than building it all yourself if you’re going to use WordPress and want a fast site. The less plugins and external dependencies the better!

Fathom News also had a full WooCommerce migration from the old site, allowing the team so upload and products/books they want to see with ease.

If you have any questions about this project, please let me know!