Cleantech are a big deal. And they host a LOT of events. This means you probably need a website that will house all that event information. You know the type of thing, directions/venue details/speakers/media etc. Well they did. But it was a separate website so right away you have to manage to code bases and then secondly, it wasn’t inline with the design and development enhancements that had been carried out on the main site.

Cleantech website on an iPad

So that’s where I came in.

The taskĀ – to consolidate two websites in to one, and better the functionality for adding an event and the related content. Of which there can be.. a lot!

This meant lots of planning and then lots of redirects. That’s the boring part. Then we got the fun part – the new system which allows the event operators to easily add all the content. It basically looks like this:

Cleantech Events admin area

An easy to use, simply laid out method of adding new event information. The best part is the ability to add agenda days/talks/tracks/info/speakers – that’s a masterpiece if I do say so myself!

For more information on the ins and outs of this project, give me a shout at