Matt Seymour
WordPress developer

Berkeley | 2016 redesign

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One of the most important things when building a new website is knowing your audience. For Berkeley, the audience had always been an international one, but their website simply did not show it. Something non-responsive and too focused to small family values was in place for a few years and it needed to change.

We set about with completely overhauling the content, trimming it down and removing the dross. We cut it down to a two pronged approach, stories (the case studies) and storytellers (the people). Both pages consist of custom post types with thumbnails which have and titles which reveal on hover.

Berkeley Hover effectWe also utilised the Google Maps API on this site with a full width, custom map with info boxes and a custom icon. To finish we had to create that international feel, we did this by creating a full width video for the home page, this cleverly respects aspect ratio, no matter what browser or screen size.

The website is fully mobile compliant and responsive in desktop browsers. Take a look and see what you think. We are continuously looking for feedback on this site – if you have any comments please let us know!