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Google Doodle for Roswell

Roswell Google Doodle for Anniversary

Roswell Google Doodle

Enjoying todays Google Doodle! If only we actually did have aliens… it sure would make today more interesting.

To get help on how to play the game visit here


Singapore smog…

Singapore Smog on 20th June 2013

Singapore Smog on 20th June 2013

Singapore is absolutely covered in a thick smog, causing the city’s worst pollution levels on record.

Forest fires raging in nearby Indonesia and carried over by the wind are to blame for the all-time-high reading of 371 on Singapore’s Pollutant Standards Index. Residents are donning surgical masks outside in attempts to filter out some of the pollutants, while city officials say the conditions could last for a staggering several weeks or months. (Mashable)

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The Waveney House Hotel

I’ve been for a trip to Beccles, Suffolk, and it has been pretty bloody amazing.

I had the great pleasure of staying a the Waveney House Hotel, where my room was nearly as big as a small house. In fact the bathroom was so big you could have had a party for 10 in there.

Would definitely recommend this for anyone who likes a nice quiet night away, a great view and an Eggs Benedict!

Why is all this even here?? #DodgyCMS


Time to succeed

Beckham on his final game at PSG

Today more than a full 11 of top class players and a manager are retiring from the world of football:

Neville, Carragher, Van Bommel
Petrov, Scholes, Muamba, Ballack, Beckham
Shevchenko, Inzaghi

Sub: Owen
Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson

But as we know, retiring doesn’t mean the end. Scholes is likely to join the coaching staff at United with Nicky Butt, Beckham will one day end up at the FA and Fergie is going on the Board at OT. This is because all these people have something in common, they love what they do. They are passionate about football and it is simple as that. This is why they have the longevity they have had.

You don’t always needs qualifications to succeed, you also don’t always need to be the best. Sometimes as long as you are passionate, have hunger and desire to achieve you can complete anything.

Put in that extra effort and you get the recognition you deserve, after that, it’s easy.