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Banoffee. That is all #foodporn

Coming soon!

A sneak peak at some custom Google Map work. Coming sooooooon!

Google map work

From The Shard.

Redesign time.

My day #1

Currently sat in a Pret in Victoria, London. Thought I’d quietly observe what’s going on around me and make a few notes.

  • Guy opposite is building a website, heavily using Photoshop and YouTube’ing different overlay techniques. (he doesn’t know I’m watching)
  • I am sat at a booth which seats around 6, no where else was free when I arrived. But people are very reluctant to ask to sit with me, instead they decide to cram around a small table or leave. I was here first, but I don’t bite.

Today I am incredibly sore after falling down the stairs yesterday morning. I think I now have delayed whiplash, well, not so delayed now… the neck is pretty painful.

  • There are two guys to the right of me sketching out an app on a notepad. (may go and ask what they are doing)
  • A family of four have just bought their own birthday cake and are now singing happy birthday to their little boy.

With all this creativity going on I feel compelled to start redesigning this site, it’s now 18 months old and could do with a refresh. And what am I thinking with that background image…


  • Finally someone came and sat next to me!

So many cats!

Forbury gardens

Happy birthday to meeee

Living the dream. #sad #cheesecake #coma