Matt Seymour
WordPress developer

This page is all about me


I’m a front-end developer based in Reading, Berkshire. I have been in the web design industry since 2009 and in that time, I have met many people who have helped me get to where I am today. My strengths lie in WordPress and using it’s vast array of features to build powerful websites that my clients can use to help achieve their business goals. I have a day job working at Rouge Media as one of their WordPress developers.

I’m also a part time Youtuber/vlogger type person – check some of them out here (they include electric skateboard and drones!).

When I’m not on YouTube, spending time with the girlfriend or working, you can find me flying my DJI Mavic Air  or shooting on my Panasonic DMC-G7.

I also have an Unsplash profile with actual accepted photos on it! and my other photos and general gallery can be found here!

I once provided training videos for Infinite WP, some are available to watch here.