Back in April, when we were all being forced to get out and exercise, I like most others picked up the camera again.

Beth and I went out for a walk one day around the town and ended up venturing over to somewhere we’d never explored. And to my surprise, I found a street name that would turn out to become quite famous…

Lockdown - road sign by Matt Seymour

Full version size on Unsplash

I snapped this road sign and put it on my Unsplash profile and before I knew it, the photo had been downloaded over a 11,000 times and viewed over a million. Yes, a MILLION…

This had been used on blogs, news sites and even a democrat in the US picked it up and used it on Twitter.

Was it fate? Probably not, more just luck… but had it not have been for lockdown, I’d never have ventured over that way and seen this sign.