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4th March 2013

I have to say, I know a lot of people who have ideas – good ideas, that could actually amount to something, but they are just ideas all the same. This can be a product, service or anything. But the amount of people I know that actually have a GOOD idea and go through with it? One.

Just the one, and I am proud to say I not only know him, but I also work with him. About a year ago Martyn was running Lime Photo, his photography agency which focused on School proms. This was great in the summer, but in the winter months work wasn’t as free flowing as he would have liked. So something had to change.

Booth assembly
Booth assembly for photography

As the year went on he started to mention that he would like to build a photo booth, the sort you sit in when having your passport photos taken. I must say I wasn’t enthralled by the idea – but when he went on to explain that it would be available to hire for private parties and weddings, the light came on. So sure enough, the summer came and went, the proms came and went, but more importantly the idea became a reality. Now this didn’t ever sound like a cheap idea, but it was never about the cost with Martyn, only the potential. This had great potential.

I believe it took around 4 months on and off to get fully complete. And the first day I saw it finished was a week after it’s first night out – I am pleased to say it survived. For it’s first test, Martyn took the booth to a local night club… my chin nearly hit the floor when I heard, I thought that was it and all his hard work was about to get ruined  But it survived. The booth is so robust, even a couple of hundred drunken youths couldn’t ruin it.

Last week Martyn hired a studio for the day and I went along to help set it up so we could take some decent photos of it for the website. It was only then, when putting this booth together and touching all the panels with my hands and moving the equipment in to place, that Martyn’s idea, his dream had come to life. He had spent his fair share of money, spent more than his fair share of time… but it all paid off. The booth looks great and the smooth operation of the system adds a touch of class to the overal package. I know it doesn’t mean automatic success, but if you’ve already put in this much effort then it shows you have the right mindset to make the business work. If Martyn runs this as a business and not a hobby (which he will) then he has every chance of succeeding.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that no matter what the costs are, or the what the effort required is, if you have an idea or a dream – go for it.

Martyn is 22.

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